Colby Covington Demolishes Robbie Lawler; Wins The Unanimous Decision | UFC Results

The city of New Jersey will be a world fighting epicenter once again as the UFC makes its return to the Prudential Center for the eight-time and first since UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Bader back in 2016. The event will be held this Saturday, August 3, and MMAIMPORTS is more than ready to deliver you live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards!

The main event is set for the clash between the former UFC interim Welterweight Champion and a high caliber wrestler, Colby Covington (14-1-0) and the former UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler (28-13-0-1). Covington had enough of promises and with the win over Lawler; he will certainly earn a shot at Kamaru Usman. On the other hand, Lawler is coming off a controversial submission loss to Ben Askren and he will look to redeem himself and establish as a top contender in the division. 

Check out our live play-by-play coverage below:

Rd 1 – Covington immediately presses forward and they exchange punches! Lawler lands a big left hand that cracks Covington! Both fighters are very aggressive! Covington initiates the clinch and dives for a takedown. He locks the double leg but Lawler defends. However, Covington switches to the single leg and scores the takedown. Covington is all over Lawler. He takes his back and tries to set up the rear-naked choke! Lawler remains calm but Covington is controlling the fight. Covington is committed to the choke but Lawler is defending well. Lawler scrambles out and they are back on their feet. Covington throws a couple of punches and finishes with the late takedown. Lawler scrambles back and starts eating hard shots as the round ends!

Rd 2 – Covington opens up with a couple of kicks. He shoots for another takedown and gets it. Lawler manages to stand but has a hard time separating from the clinch. He finally separates but Covington puts him down once again! Covington is relentless! Lawler scrambles to his feet but Covington starts outboxing him and putting on the mat once again! Lawler is back to his feet once again but he is not offering any offense! Covington is picking him apart! Lawler wakes up and lands a hard left hand! However, Covington is way more active in this round!

Rd 3 – Covington opens the round with a couple of leg kicks and follows with the double leg takedown. He is all over Lawler once again! Lawler separates and starts letting his hands go! Both fighters are landing! Covington tries to slow the momentum with the takedown but Lawler defends. Lawler lands a couple of nice uppercuts. Both fighters are using a lot of energy. Covington is constantly firing punches and Lawler is feeling comfortable rolling with them. Covington continues with the pressure. Lawler times the left counter and lands cleanly! Covington shakes it off and continues to grind. Both fighters are standing in the pocket and trading!

Rd 4 – Covington continues to march forward. Lawler is rolling with the punches well, his boxing defense is on point. Covington backs him against the fence and shoots for a takedown.  Lawler defends and separates. Now Lawler connects with a couple of nice punches. Covington doubles on the jab. Lawler starts countering the punches, he is doing a lot of damage in this round. Covington is working behind his jab and mixing his attacks high and low. This is a pure boxing match! Covington is displaying great boxing skills! He shoots for another takedown and partially gets it. Lawler is back on his feet. Covington is grinding against the fence. Both fighters trade hard left hands at the end of the round!

Rd 5 – Covington comes out aggressive and continuing to display his relentless pace. Lawler is patient and waiting for the perfect opportunity. Covington dives for a takedown, defended by Lawler. They are back in the center and Lawler clearly has a hard time offering any offense. Covington is constantly interrupting him with the jab. Covington is destroying Lawler! He is looking perfect tonight! However, Lawler starts exploding with the hard punches! He is looking for a knockout blow! Covington continues to execute his game plan. Lawler is walking Covington down; he is looking to explode on Covington. However, Covington is showing great footwork as he is escaping all of the troubles at the end of the fight.