Mickey Gall Takes Home The Unanimous Decision After The Brutal War! | UFC Results

The city of New Jersey will be a world fighting epicenter once again as the UFC makes its return to the Prudential Center for the eight-time and first since UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Bader back in 2016. The event will be held this Saturday, August 3, and MMAIMPORTS is more than ready to deliver you live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards!

The star of “Dana White Looking for a Fight” series Mickey Gall (5-2-0) is back after his tough loss against the veteran Diego Sanchez. The talented grappler will face Salim Touahri (10-3-0) who was once considered a promising Polish prospect but hit a wall with the UFC record of two losses. This is a very important fight for both fighters as they are possibly fighting for their UFC careers.

Check out our live play-by-play coverage below:

Rd 1 – Both fighters are feeling each other. Gall explodes and lands a nice one-two, he follows with the nice kick to the body. Touahri resets in the center. Gall is looking more confident and relaxed. He charges forward and lands a big right hand! However, Touahri catches him on the way in with the hard left! Stiff jab cracks Touahri! Touahri sticks with the kicks as Gall takes the outside position. Gall drops his levels and pushes Touahri against the cage and he is defending the takedown attempts well. Gall stays committed to a takedown and stays heavy on Touahri. Touahri scrambles out of trouble and separates. Gall continues to land stiff jabs which force Touahri to shoot for another takedown. Gall stuffs the takedown and takes his back! He starts opening with the punches! Touahri stays calm.

Rd 2 – Touahri establishes the forward pressure and starts working the body. Gall fakes the takedown and connects with the right over the top! Gall is looking sharp! Gall starts marching forward and he initiates the clinch against the fence. He separates and lands a nice uppercut! Touahri is looking lost in this round, Gall is leading the dance. Touahri starts opening up and he lands a nice right hand! Gall immediately responds with the counter! Both fighters are using a lot of energy. Gall times the single leg and darg Touahri to the mat. However, Touahri reverses and finishes on top! Great move! He is in the half guard position. Touahri postures and lands a couple of big right hands! Gall scrambles and finds his way u, he separates and lands four elbows in the row! TOuahri returns the fire and scores another takedown!

Rd 3 – Gall charges forward and lands a hard left straight! Touahri returns the fire with the stiff jab! Both fighters are throwing volume. Touahri is loading on the punches; he is looking for a knockout blow. Gall finds a home for the left hand once again. Touahri shoots for a takedown, easily defended by Gall. Gall is clearly slowing down! However, he starts opening up with the nice uppercuts and connects! He follows with the clinch against the fence. Touahri is defending well. He separates and explodes with a couple of punches! Gall returns! This is a pure war! Big left lands for Gall! He drops his levels once again but Touahri defends once again. He scrambles out and explodes with the hard punches! Gall finds his way back and finally scores a single-leg takedown in the last seconds of the round!