Kennedy Nzechukwu Survives The Low Blows And Gets The Unanimous Decision | UFC Results

The city of New Jersey will be a world fighting epicenter once again as the UFC makes its return to the Prudential Center for the eight-time and first since UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Bader back in 2016. The event will be held this Saturday, August 3, and MMAIMPORTS is more than ready to deliver you live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards!

The main card kicks off with the clash between the heavy-handed Light Heavyweights. The former member of the Serbian national Judo team, Darko Stosic (13-2-0) is more than motivated to bounce off his recent loss against Devin Clark and prove that this was just a part of the learning process for him. He will face Kennedy Nzechukwu (6-1-0) who had quickly build hype around him with the win over Dennis Bryant at DWTNCS but failed to deliver in his debut against Paul Craig.

Check out our live play-by-play coverage below:

Rd 1 – Kennedy takes the center as Stosic starts throwing faints. He opens the fight with the hard inside leg kick! Another one! Stosic is punishing the lead leg of Kennedy early. Kennedy is not offering any offense; he is just eating hard leg kicks! Stosic shoots for a single leg takedown, defended by Kennedy. They are in the clinch, Stosic separates and eats a quick one-two. Stosic continues with the kicks. He follows the next one with the hard left hand! Kennedy has a hard time moving! Stosic stays patient and relaxed. Kennedy establishes the jab but Stosic starts moving well, avoiding the damage. Both fighters are patient. Kennedy starts opening up but nothing significant lands. He is putting strong pressure on Stosic. Stosic explodes with a couple of hard punches! Kennedy covers! Kennedy shakes them off and resets.

Rd 2 – Stosic immediately lands an illegal kick to the groins! The referee stops the fight. Kennedy starts moving forward and he connects with a nice knee to the body. Stosic responds with a couple of leg kicks. Kennedy is attacking the body of Stosic with the front kicks. Stosic is loading the counter right hand but he is constantly missing. Kennedy is feeling more confident following Stosic. Left-hand finds home for Kennedy but Stosic responds with the counter right hook. Stosic times the entry on the double leg and scores a takedown! Kennedy finds his way up quickly and they are in the clinch. Kennedy separates. Big kick to the body lands for Stosic. However, Kennedy is constantly jabbing. Stosic lands another kick to the groins. The referee takes one point from Stosic. Kennedy continues with the pressure. Kennedy opens up with a couple of punches and Stosic responds.

Rd 3 – Kennedy opens the round with a stiff jab. Stosic finds home for the left hook. Both fighters are slowing down. A quick one-two lands for Stosic! He trips Kennedy and gets the takedown! However, Kennedy uses his height and gets back up. Stosic establishes the jab. He lands yet another low blow! The referee stops the fight once again. The referee takes one more point from Stosic. Both fighters exchange hard shots! Kennedy starts opening up and lands another left hand! Big one-two lands for Kennedy! Stosic shoots and gets another takedown but fails to secure the position. Stosic separates. He shoots for a single once again and gets another takedown. However, Kennedy is right back on his feet. Stosic secures one more takedown but Kennedy finds his way up once again.