The Hype Is Real! Paulo Costa Takes Out Yoel Romero In Fight Of The Night Candidate At UFC 241! | UFC Results

The UFC is back this Saturday with arguably the best card of 2019! Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards! The sold-out Honda Center will be a home of the fighting world on August 17, 2019, in the beautiful city of Anaheim, California.

The freak of nature and the freestyle wrestling Olympic silver medalist Yoel Romero (13-3-0) is finally back! After losing his non-title battle against Robert Whittaker (Romero missed weight.), rightfully earning a “Fight of the Night” bonus in the process, Romero is on the mission once again. However, for the first time in his successful career, he will encounter a physically equal Paulo Costa (12-0-0). An undefeated Brazilian stormed through the Middleweight division by scoring four TKO finishes. He has generated a big hype around him and if he delivers once again against Romero, there is no argument about the next title contender in the near future.

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Costa takes the center and establishes the forward pressure. Both fighters are exchanging kicks. He fires a head kick and shoots for a double leg. Costa defends. Both fighters are very explosive early! Big right hand cracks Romero! But he returns the right hand and drops Costa!!! Costa survives and he is back on his feet pressuring Romero! Costa is landing hard kicks to the body! Romero is waiting for a counter. Costa is swinging and missing as Romero scores with a double straight. Romero is under constant pressure but he is eating the left hook over and over. However, he starts landing power punches! Romero explodes with the flying knee and follows with a couple of hard punches!!! Costa fires a knee to the groins. The fight is stopped. The fight continues. Costa unloads with a couple of inside leg kicks. Romero is timing the left hook. He dives for the single leg as Costa defends and lands a couple of hard punches. Romero fires a hard left and lands! Costa returns! The fight is going back and forth! Costa goes to the body but eats another left hook! Both fighters are using a lot of energy! Costa is all over Romero. He fires a wheel kick and partially lands!

Rd 2 – Both fighters are throwing faints as Romero opens the round with a kick to the body. Costa explodes with a couple of punches and lands! Costa is looking like a fresher fighter. He is mixing his body head combinations well. Romero is moving backwards. Romer catches costa with the left but starts eating hard punches! Both fighters are clearly slowing down. Romero lands a couple of stiff jabs. Good jabs are landing for Romero. Costa is not offering any offense. Costa is loading on the punches and he is constantly missing. Romero is looking much better late in the round. Costa is landing hard body punches! Romero steps forward and lands a hard uppercut! He shoots for a takedown at the end of the round and gets it!

Rd 3 – Costa takes the center and continues with the pressure. Romero is constantly touching the lead leg of Costa. He explodes and lands a couple of hard straight punches! Costa responds with the hard kick to the body! Another one! Costa is all over Romero! Costa lands an eye poke. Big inside leg kick lands for Costa! He follows with a hard left hand! Romero continues to throw down the middle but Costa is countering with the right well. Romero starts outboxing Costa! However, Costa responds with a big body shot but eats a spinning back fist! They are both throwing power! Big uppercut lands for Romero! Romero is busting Costa up! This is a pure war! Costa goes high with the kick and partially land! Romero counters with the right over the top! Romero trips costa down to the mat but they are right back on their feet!