Nate Diaz Is Back; Defeats Anthony Pettis In UFC 241 Co Main Event! | UFC Results

The UFC is back this Saturday with arguably the best card of 2019! Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards! The sold-out Honda Center will be a home of the fighting world on August 17, 2019, in the beautiful city of Anaheim, California.

The co-main event is set for the fan’s favorite matchup between the two most exciting fighters inside the Welterweight division. Nate Diaz (19-11-0) is finally back after a three-year layoff and a bitter defeat to Connor McGregor. Both Diaz and Pettis were on the collision course for a long time, calling each other in the media and showing a great interest in fighting each other. Anthony Pettis (22-8-0) decided to get rid of cutting weight and made a return to the natural Welterweight division. This proved to be the right move as he immediately scored a stunning KO over an always dangerous Stephen Thompson. Considering the violent intentions of both fighters, this could definitely be a fight of the night or even a year!

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Diaz takes the center and starts throwing faints. Pettis opens the fight with a low kick. A hard kick to the body lands for Diaz. However, Pettis catches him with a hard counter right! Another one! Diaz presses forward and lands a right hand and follows with the clinch against the fence. Pettis separates and lands a hard body shot! Pettis throws a one two and follows with a head kick which partially lands! Diaz shakes it off. He pushes for a clinch once again and starts dirty boxing. He catches Pettis with a nice right hand! Pettis resets and continues to circle on the outside. Diaz shoots for a takedown but Pettis shoots for a guillotine choke! Diaz escapes the danger and opens up with the ground and pound. Pettis gives his back! He is eating hard punches!  Pettis is defending well.

Rd 2 – Pettis fires a leg kick, checked by Diaz. It seems like Pettis hurt his leg. However, he connects with a big left hook. Diaz is patient as Pettis continues to attack the lead leg. Pettis is a more active fighter, he is throwing nice straight punches. The referee stops the fight. Diaz has a big cut above his left eye. The fight continues. Pettis fires a right hand and lands! However, Diaz pushes him against the fence and lands a couple of punches. Big body punches are landing for Pettis. Diaz initiates the clinch and drags Pettis down to the mat! Pettis scrambles his way up and eats a nasty knee! Big elbow lands for Diaz!  Diaz separates and continues to demolish Pettis! Pettis is breathing heavily! Diaz is displaying great dirty boxing skills! He is all over Pettis against the cage! Pettis responds with the elbow and lands! Diaz is destroying Pettis!!!!

Rd 3 – Diaz immediately pushes for a clinch against the cage. They are both landing short punches. Pettis is moving backwards, he is looking exhausted. He clinches but Diaz stays in his face constantly landing volume. Big punches are landing for Diaz! Huge knees!!! Pettis is in trouble! Diaz is all over him!!! Pettis rolls to his back and Diaz continues beating him up! However, Pettis reverses the position! Diaz is active from the bottom, he is landing short punches and threatening with the submissions.  Diaz finishes on top after the scramble and starts landing hard ground and pound! He takes the back once again! Pettis reverses the position once again!!