Youth Dominates Over Experience! Cory Sandhagen Defeats Raphael Assuncao via Unanimous Decision | UFC Results

The UFC is back this Saturday with arguably the best card of 2019! Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards! The sold-out Honda Center will be a home of the fighting world on August 17, 2019, in the beautiful city of Anaheim, California.

UFC Octagon veteran Raphael Assuncao (27-6-0) was a step closer to the title contender spot before being defeated against the fearsome knockout artist Marlon Moraes. A Brazilian submission specialist will attempt getting back into the win column against a lot younger Cory Sandhagen. A well-rounded Sandhagen has just started building hype around him, and with a win over Assuncao, he will explode through the rankings. 

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Assuncao takes the center and opens the fight with a leg kick. Sandhagen returns as both fighters exchange. Sandhagen lands a hard right hand. However, Assuncao counters with a nice left hook. Assuncao is waiting for the pocket exchanges. Sanhagen is using his reach advantage well. He is displaying good head movement. Assuncao is loading on the punches but missing everything. Quick one-two lands for Sanhagen! He is working the body now. Assuncao is patient as Sanhagen is feeling more confident. Assuncao initiates the clinch but Sanhagen reverses. They are back in the center. Sandhagen stays in Assuncao’s face. He explodes with the flying knee and lands! He is using his range perfectly!

Rd 2 – Assuncao continues to eat hard leg kicks. Sandhagen is working from his range with the kicks. He initiates the clinch against the fence. Assuncao has a hard time connecting. However, Assuncao times the next kick and takes the back! Sandhagen turns around and finishes on top! Great move! They scramble and Sandhagen takes the back now! Assuncao scrambles and they are back on their feet. Assuncao has a body lock as Sandhagen attacks the leg! Assuncao lands a couple of hard punches and they are back on the mat. Sandhagen scrambles and takes the guard position. However, both fighters are displaying great grappling skills. Neither fighters cant secure the top position. Sandhagen finishes the round on top.

Rd 3 – Sandhagen immediately starts firing from all angles. Assuncao clearly has a hard time keeping his distance. Sandhagen is leading the dance. Assuncao is constantly punching the air. However, he shoots for a single leg takedown but Sandhagen defends. He continues to demolish Assuncao from his range. Assuncao times the next kick and initiates the clinch. He is clearly searching for his chance on the mat. Assuncao gets the takedown but fails to secure the position. Sandhagen establishes the jab as Assuncao grabs for another clinch against the fence. He picks Sandhagen and slams him down to the mat! Sandhagen is right back and he separates from the clinch. He just misses with a flying knee! Both fighters are exchanging as the round ends!