A Wild Brawl Between Todd Duffy And Jeff Hughes finishes In No Contest After The Illegal Eye Poke At UFC Fight Night 158 | UFC Results

The UFC fighting circus is back in Canada! UFC Fight Night 158 (ESPN+ 16) will take place on September 14, 2019, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC results from the sold-out Rogers Arena, set for the fans favorite clash between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje!

Todd Duffee (9-3-0) is back! After almost a four-year layoff, the powerful American knockout artist is ready to give his fighting career another chance and show that he still has it. Standing on his comeback road is Jeff Hughes (10-2-0), who also possesses a lot of power in his hands. Don’t blink, because you may miss the impressive finish!

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Hughes takes the center as both fighters are feeling each other. Duff explodes with the flurry but fails to land anything significant. He level changes for a double leg and gets the takedown. However, Hughes is right back to his feet. Duffy initiates the clinch. He separates and starts landing hard shots! Hughes returns a big right hand! Duffy explodes once again and finishes the combination with the clinch against the cage. Both fighters are very aggressive. Duffy is spending a lot of energy early. Hughes reverses the position as Duffy separates. Hughes connects with the big right but Duffy counters with the piston right and drops Hughes! Hughes manages to recover and they are back in the center. Hughes goes high with the kick as Duffy explodes with the punches! He drops Hughes once again! Hughes manages to stand but Duffy is all over him! He slows the action with the clinch, Hughes reverses and lands an eye poke.