Glover Teixeira Defeats Nikita Krylov; Takes Home The Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 158 | UFC Results

The UFC fighting circus is back in Canada! UFC Fight Night 158 (ESPN+ 16) will take place on September 14, 2019, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC results from the sold-out Rogers Arena, set for the fans favorite clash between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje!

The co-main event will see the war between the heavy-handed Glover Teixeira (29-7-0) and a well-rounded Nikita Krylov (25-6-0). Teixeira is on a two-fight winning streak and considering his age we may assume this represents the last opportunity for him to make a run at UFC gold. On the other hand, Krylov is a new face of the successful promotion and has all the necessary tools to beat the powerful veteran.

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Krylov opens with a couple of front kicks. However, Teixeira is searching for his timing on the right hand. He follows with the single leg takedown and gets it! Krylov is controlling the postures from the bottom.  Teixeira is looking to advance from the half guard. He postures and lands a couple of hard right hands. Krylov scrambles and gives his back. Krylov is in a bad spot! Teixeira is all over Krylov, he is doing a great job staying heavy. Krylov shakes Teixeira and takes the top! Great move! He takes the mount and starts landing hard elbows! Teixeira explodes from the bottom and manages to stand. However, Krylov sinks in the rear-naked choke!!! Teixeira is trying to defend! He escapes the danger and finishes pressing against the cage! Knee and an elbow lands for Krylov! Big kick to the body lands for Krylov but he eats a hard counter right hand! Krylov resets and lands a couple of jabs as Teixeira responds with the big right!

Rd 2 – Krylov continues to move and stick with the kicks. Teixeira is throwing faints, looking for the openings. Krylov is displaying good footwork; he is constantly escaping the dangers. Teixeira cuts the movement and lands a big left hook! Krylov stuffs the takedown and lands a nice head kick right straight combination! He continues to circle around. Nice body shot and a right hook lands for Teixeira. He is putting strong pressure on Krylov who is using a lot of energy avoiding the exchanges. Big kick to the body lands for Teixeira!  Krylov is already breathing heavily! However, he throws a two punch combo and lands! Teixeira responds with a takedown attempt, defended by Krylov. Now Krylov grabs the single leg and gets the needed takedown.

Rd 3 – Teixeira continues with the pressure. Krylov initiates the clinch and drops for a takedown. However, Teixeira sinks in the guillotine choke! Krylov is in trouble! He manages to pop his head out! However, Teixeira finishes on top after the scrambles. He takes the guard position and starts putting strong pressure. Krylov stays active from the bottom and manages to work his ways up. He is pressing Teixeira against the cage and trying to get the takedown. Teixeira is defending well. Both fighters are breathing heavily. Krylov locks the hands and gets the takedown. However, Teixeira shoots for another Guillotine choke but Krylov easily escapes. He postures up and lands a couple of nice short elbows. Texeira scrambles and finishes on top at the end of the round!