Carlos Ferreira Gets The Job Done; Defeats Mairbek Taisumov In UFC 242 Main Card Opener| UFC Results

Ultimate Fighting Championship is back in Abu Dhabi for the first time since 2014, delivering the possible highest pay-per-view event of 2019! The UFC 242 will take place on September 7, 2019, at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC Results from the purposely built Stadium, set for the main event fireworks between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier.

The main card kicks off with the clash between a decorated wrestler and a highlight real knockout artist Mairbek Taisumov (27-5-0), taking on the former Legacy FC Lightweight Champion, Carlos Ferreira (15-2-0). Both fighters have had an impressive winning streak so far and with a strong statement, this Saturday, the winner will move up through the stacked Welterweight rankings.

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Ferreira takes the center and starts pressing forward. Taisumov stays patient and circling on the outside. Both fighters are out of range early. However, Ferreira lands a stiff jab. Taisumov wakes up and lands a hard right hand! Both fighters are having a hard time setting up their timing. Ferreira continues to advance. Big right cracks Ferreira!  Taisumov smells the blood and starts pressing forward. Ferreira is looking fine now and forces Taisumov back to the outside position. Taisumov explodes once again and finds the target! Ferreira absorbs and presses forward with the right straight and lands. Ferreira is mixing his attacks with the kicks and punches well in the last minute. He is landing nice shots. Big right-hand lands for Ferreira!

Rd 2 – Ferreira continues to advance forward as Taisumov connects with the quick one two. However, Ferreira immediately returns the fire. He is out landing Taisumov. Another big right lands for Ferreira! He is displaying good boxing. He closes the distance and partially gets the takedown but they are back in the clinch. The referee stops the fight due to headbutt and brings the fight to the center. Ferreira starts picking Taisumov apart. Taisumov has a hard time connecting. He is constantly eating hard shots! However, he wakes up and finds his range with a couple of shots. However, he clearly has a hard time fighting off his back foot. The output of Ferreira is crazy! He is constantly landing stiff jabs and follows with the straight right. Taisumov is using a lot of energy in his movement.

Rd 3 – Ferreira comes out as a fresher fighter. He explodes and lands a big right hand and a knee behind. He establishes jab and goes high with the kick! He is displaying a crazy pace. Taisumov stuffs the takedown but has a hard time landing anything. Big shots are landing for Ferreira! Incredible accuracy! Taisumov is all busted up! Ferreira is putting on a show! Non stop landing perfect boxing combos! He starts mixing it with the body! Taisumov is taking a lot of damage but still in this fight. Big overhand right lands for Ferreira! He is displaying incredible cardio! He pushes with the jab and follows with a hard head kick! How much can Taiisumov take!