Stipe Miocic Gets His Revenge, Knocks Out Daniel Cormier At UFC 241! | UFC Results

The UFC is back this Saturday with arguably the best card of 2019! Join us as we are bringing you the live UFC results from both preliminary and main cards! The sold-out Honda Center will be a home of the fighting world on August 17, 2019, in the beautiful city of Anaheim, California.

The main event will see a highly anticipated rematch between the two arguably best Heavyweights in modern-day history. The current UFC Champion and a future Hall of Famer, Daniel Cormier (22-1-0-1) failed to secure the wanted “money fight” against Brock Lesnar. Instead, he gave a well-deserved rematch to the former champion, Stipe Miocic (18-3-0). This could easily be the Cormier’s last fight, and he publicly stated that he wants to go down in history as a champion. On the other hand, Miocic is desperate to prove the first fight was a fluke and that he still is the most dominant Heavyweight champion of all times. 

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Cormier takes the center as Miocic opens the fight with a leg kick. Both fighters exchange a couple of kicks. Hard leg kick lands for Cormier! He fakes the takedown and lands a left hook! Cormier is looking confident. Cormier steps inside and lands an uppercut! Another hard left hand lands for Cormier!  He cracks Miocic with another right and shoots for a single leg! He picks Miocic up in the air and slams him down to the mat! What a move by Cormier! Miocic scrambles but Cormier establishes strong top control. Miocic is looking desperate on the bottom; he has a hard time getting up. Cormier stays busy with the short punches. However, Miocic scrambles but starts eating hard hammer fists! Now Miocic grabs the single leg but fails to secure the takedown at the end of the round.

Rd 2 – Stiff jab and a hard inside leg kick lands for Miocic. Cormier starts pressing forward but he eats a knee to the body. Miocic is letting his hands go, however, Cormier cracks him with the big elbow! Miocic fires a quick one-two and lands! They both exchange but it looks like Cormier is much faster during the exchanges! Big right hand lands for Miocic! Cormier returns the right hand! Another one! Cormier is a step ahead during the exchanges. Miocic initiates the clinch against the cage. He separates and lands a couple of hard punches. Cormier responds with a big right! They are both swinging and landing! Miocic is doing more damage! Good right hand lands for Micoci! Big Uppercut for Cormier! This is insane! They are both hands low trading shots! Cormier closes the distance and lands a big right and an uppercut!  Big shots are landing for both fighters as the round ends!

Rd 3 –Cormier continues with the forward pressure but Miocic catches him with the quick one-two. Cormier stuffs a takedown and establishes the jab. Stiff jabs are landing for Cormier! They are standing in each other’s face and trading. Miocic slows the action with the clinch. Cormier separates and eats a right hand. Miocic has found his rhythm in this round. However, Cormier establishes the jab once again and Miocic grabs the underhooks and scores a takedown. Cormier is right back on his feet but Miocic is all over him. Cormier connects with a three punch combo! It looks like Miocic is slowing down. Both fighters are firing shots! Cormier is displaying good head movement.

Rd 4 – Both fighters are patient. Miocic opens the round with the leg kick and a stiff jab. Cormier presses forward and tags Miocic with the left hook! Both fighters are saving energy in this round. Miocic starts working the body of Cormier but eats another left hand. Miocic is landing bombs to the body of Cormier! Big hooks to the body are landing for Miocic! Cormier has no answer! Cormier wakes up and lands a one-two combo. Big right hand lands for Miocic, he is outboxing Cormier! Big right hand hurts Cormier!!! Miocic pushes for a finish with more punches!!! Cormier is out!!!!