131 UFC Fighters Released From Roster Over The Last 90 Days

Under the new UFC ownership, UFC regulars have seen a mass amount of changes hit the sport.

Most notably is the drastic amount of layoffs hitting the UFC offices, in 2017. We started this year learning of 100’s of employees being let go from UFC corporate. That news was followed up by the sudden termination of longtime UFC commentator Mike Goldberg. In his place is a trio of announcers that varies depending on event.

Adding to the list of UFC layoffs has ben an unprecedented amount of fighters.

Just last week we saw the retirement of Patrick Cote and Anthony Johnson. Those two were just the latest in a long line of fighters to leave the world’s largest MMA promotion. And while retirements are certainly a reason the UFC’s roster is thinning, it’s UFC contract terminations that make up the bulk of the 2017 roster changes.

So far, in the past 90 days the UFC has removed 131 fighters from their roster, signaling the most significant thinning of their roster in the company’s history.

Here’s the breakdown: