Rogan: ‘UFC Going To Strip Conor, Make Ferguson vs. Khabib For The Real Strap’

Longtime UFC commentator, and notorious news leaker Joe Rogan did a podcast with Tyron Woodley yesterday. During their lengthy discussion, Rogan revealed what he believes is the future for UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

While the world patiently waits for Conor to return to UFC action, there’s been little indication that he actually will.

UFC president Dana White gave Conor until March to defend his belt or get stripped, and that’s just two-months away.

This means that McGregor, if he’s going to enter a fight camp, will have to commit in the next few weeks, or face getting stripped of his second UFC world title.

Only one man in UFC history has ever been stripped of the belt more than once, and that man is Jon Jones. However, Jones’ circumstances were different, as he was never stripped for not defending the belt.

As we all know, McGregor likes breaking barriers and being first in the record books, and when it comes to belt strippings he might be on the verge of another new first.

Here’s what Rogan had to say:

“Here’s my prediction: My prediction (is) Conor doesn’t fight for a while. They strip Conor. Tony and Khabib fight for the world title. I think they’re going to strip him, because Conor’s got $100 million in the bank, and he’s having fun and talking (expletive), and he’s going to keep training,” Rogan said. “And he’s going to make a big fight in the future, but I think Khabib and Tony is the big fight and (expletive), they might even do that one in Russia. They’re talking about doing a big fight in Russia.”

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