Bec Thinks Referees Are Too Gentle On Female Fighters, Talks Tecia Rematch And More

On Wednesday, UFC strawweight Bec Rawlings talked about a plethora of topic involving her MMA career leading up to her next fight on Saturday in Houston, Texas.

In her last fight, Rawlings was knocked out by Paige VanZant. However, Rawlings says she wasn’t unconscious.

“The only thing frustrating about my last loss is that I wasn’t out,” Rawlings said. “I feel like the ref didn’t give me a chance to fight back. He kind of just stepped in. I saw his legs coming for me and I was like (sarcastically), ‘Thanks, thanks bro.’ That’s the only frustrating part. You never know. I could have been done, but he didn’t give me that opportunity to prove that I wasn’t done. I guess that is one thing that I did learn, that refs still think we (women) are made of glass because we have vaginas and boobs. Which is kind of frustrating because in a sport where you actually treated the most equal out of all professional sports, we get paid the same, we get the same opportunities, yet we are still looked at differently by refs and judges. So it’s kind of s**tty in that part.”

Rawlings will fight strawweight contender Tecia Torres at the UFC’s annual SuperBowl weekend event on Feb. 4.

“I’ve wanted a rematch ever since our first fight on The Ultimate Fighter,” Rawlings said. “I didn’t ask for it and wasn’t very vocal about it, but I’m going to take it if it’s given to me.

“I don’t think she has changed at all. She has the same gameplan, same style, volume punches in bunches. Still, can’t finish a fight to save her life. Still, hits like a little p**sy. She’s a good fighter. She’s proven she’s a good fighter. I’m not taking that away from her, but I feel she hasn’t evolved.”

Rawlings goes on to talk about how she likes being on a card with multiple fights in her division. She also says she wants to be active in 2017 and hopes the UFC creates a women’s 125-pound division. Rawlings says she is beginning to suffer some medical issues due to cutting down to 115 pounds.