Bisping Is Mad! ‘One day someone will die due to steroid cheats like Yoel Romero’

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping sits atop the rankings in a stacked weight class that can see any fighter in the top-five walk out with the championship on any given day. Bisping is up for the challenge to defend his gold against anybody he’s in the octagon with, and it’s becoming increasingly likely that his next defense will be against Yoel Romero.

Romero and Bisping’s rivalry seemed to have come from out of nowhere, but this has been brewing for years. Bisping claims to be one of the few clean fighters in his generation of fighters and the flagged drug-test of Romero was the straw that broke the camel’s back; Bisping was sick and tired of dealing with fighters who feel they are above the rules and has unleashed an all out attack on anybody who may be utilizing performance enhancing drugs. Bisping dove into the topic on his show “The Countdown” [via. MMA Mania]:

“I have a very strong stance against it and I will never stop. You take performance enhancing drugs then I have zero respect, and if you defend someone, then Malki, I gotta lean towards zero respect as well, because, you know, it is a black spot on this beautiful sport that we have, and unfortunately, one day, somebody’s gonna die, and then it will be taken a lot more seriously, okay. Until that day- and God forbid that day comes… if you test positive for performance enhancing drugs, you should be banned for life and never given the opportunity to fight again, and that’s how I feel. Call me an idiot, call me whatever you want.”