Burt Watson Details First Run-In With Dana White Since His Departure

Fourteen years of being the babysitter to the stars in the Ultimate Fighting Championship were all in the past when Burt Watson chose to step away from the company in 2015. Watson left the UFC all of a sudden when an altercation occurred between himself and an executive, who questioned his practices and methods.

It didn’t take long for Burt to get back in the thick of things in the mixed martial arts world as he resumed working for Cage Fury Fighting Championship weeks later. Watson recently sat down with MMA Junkie and detailed his recent run-in with White:

“It has been two years, and I’ve been working, and it was working, and I knew that whatever the situation, I was going to be working, and I had to kind of keep going and stay busy. So I really didn’t have a real thought about it. And we met, first time (in) two years, finally got face-to-face. And it was pretty cordial.

“Being the guy that he is – ‘How you doing? How you been? Are things good? You look good. I see you still rolling.’ That kind of thing. And that I was.”