Holm Gets Denied — NYSAC Upholds Loss To GDR, Holly Loses Appeal

Up until today, Germaine de Randamie’s championship status was up in the air. All it would have taken was the New York State Athletic Commission to overturn her controversial win, and the UFC’s featherweight division would have been champion-less.

The two female fighting sensations served as the UFC 208 main event, Holm lost to Germaine via decision after several late blows marred GDR’s win.

Holm’s team decided to appeal the controversial loss, but today New York decided in favor of GDR, and their judges.
“After a review of the video footage of the bout, the New York State Athletic Commission determined that there was no clear error or violation of statute or rule by Referee Todd Anderson,” an NYSAC official told MMAFighting.com. “Therefore, the scoring and outcome of the bout will not be modified.”

With that now behind us, it opens to door for the champion to face Cyborg. But will she?