Joe Rogan Reveals Fighters No Longer Allowed To Poop Themselves, Fight Will Be Stopped

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently revealed on his podcast that there is a new rule proposed in the UFC stating if fighters defecate while fighting, the fight will be stopped.

“A new rule got proposed for the unified rule for mixed martial arts where if you [expletive] yourself they stop the fight,” Rogan said. “Which has happened before. Guys have [expletive] themselves, like, in the middle of a fight.”

Rogan there shared an example of a fighter potentially defecating on themselves while competing.

“There was a guy named Michael Chiesa, who’s a really good fighter. He was fighting Beniel Dariush. It was a big victory for him because he choked Beniel Dariush out. Which was giant, because Beniel Dariush is a super respected jiu-jitsu black belt. Michael Chiesa said to me while he was getting into the octagon, ‘Dude, I might [expletive] my pant.” He goes, ‘I might [expletive] my pants while the fights going on.’ I’m like, ‘Seriously?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to [expletive] my pants.'”

Rogan later revealed Chiesa survived the fight without crapping on himself.

Rogan did not go into more details on the rule regarding fighters defecating on themselves. There was no word on whether that fighter would lose by TKO or whether the fight would go to the judge’s scorecards.