Yoel Romero Calls Into Michael Bisping’s Podcast … And All Hell Breaks Loose!

UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero called into UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping’s podcast. Romero called to talk to Bisping, while Bisping was talking about Romero on his podcast.

Right as Romero’s call was answered he sounded irate and difficult to understand. Bisping took little time to start insulting the top contender.

“Hey, have you cleaned up your [expletive] yet?” Bisping said. “I’m looking at pictures of where you [expletive] your pants.”

While it is hard to understand everything he was saying, Romero does at one point clearly say, “I will kill you.”

“Shut the [expletive] up poopy pants for one second,” Bisping retaliated. “This isn’t how a conversation works. Hey roid head, lay off the steroids.”

Bisping and Romero have been engaging in Twitter battles as of late. Bisping claimed that Romero was not writing his tweets due to him not understanding English.

Romero hung up on Bisping after Bisping tried to get Romero to spell the word “steroids” in order to prove whether or not he writes his own tweets.

UFC President Dana White recently revealed Romero will be next to fight for the UFC middleweight title. No date has been set for this fight due to Bisping recently undergoing knee surgery. Bisping is expected to return to the UFC sometime in the spring.