UFC Results: Makhachev Dominates Lentz, Scores Decision Win

Nik Lentz walked into the octagon with a two fight win streak to his name, hoping to extend it to three at the expense of his “UFC 208” opponent Islam Makhachev. The two kept the ball rolling with the second preliminary fight to air on FS1, and it got off to a quick start. Makhachev pushed Lentz up against the fence to work for a takedown which he eventually landed.

Lentz teased a guillotine on the bottom which forced Makhachev to work hard to get out of it. While it likely drained energy, it forced Makhachev to push the pace even harder to make up for the momentum he lost. Lentz not only made it back to his feet but almost secured a takedown of his own. Unfortunately for him, Makhachev would turn it into a takedown of his own and the round would end with Lentz working for a guillotine.

Lentz would get taken down again after the second round started but it wasn’t long before Makhachev gained the upperhand. The rest of the fight was a grappling showcase for Makhachev who took Lentz down a total of five times where he avoided any and all submission attempts from Lentz.

Islam Makhachev def. Nik Lentz by way of Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-27)