UFC Results: Vick Stuns, Submits Trujillo With D’Arce Choke In Round 3

James Vick and Abel Trujillo woke the fans up after a lackluster performance in the fight prior with their lightweight main card bout. While it saw a slow start due to their feeling out process, action picked up once Vick and Trujillo got more comfortable.

Trujillo closed the distance and secured a takedown to which Vick tried to turn into a guillotine attempt. Trujillo was patient with his escape and worked his way out of the hold. Vick was confident enough on the ground to fight off a Trujillo transition all the while fighting his way back to his feet and ultimately the middle of the octagon.

Vick lunged forward and caught Trujillo with a stiff left hand which forced Trujillo to scramble and work for a takedown to make it into the second round.

Trujillo started to see more success with his standup game early on in the second but Vick did not shy away from matching his aggression. Vick cracked Trujillo with two uppercuts and Trujillo tried to secure a takedown. Instead, Vick landed a takedown of his own and eventually trapped Trujillo in the D’Arce Choke. Trujillo showed game submission defense by escaping, but he allowed Vick to lock it back on with over twenty seconds left. Trujillo simply stood back up and Vick broke the hold, allowing the fight to make it into a third and final round.

Vick kicked off the final round with a vicious knee that stunned Trujillo. Trujillo was able to fire off devastating punches to fight off the finish, but Vick took him down and trapped him in another D’Arce Choke. This time, he would get the submission.

James Vick def. Abel Trujillo by way of Submission (D’Arce Choke) :49 of Round 3