Despite UFC Return, GSP Admits He’s Not Happy With His New UFC Contract

GSP is set to return at UFC 217.

UFC President Dana White made the return of Georges St-Pierre official last month just weeks after it was reported that the two parties had reached a stalemate. There was a point in the negotiations where neither the UFC or St-Pierre’s team wanted to budge, and St-Pierre was going to explore other options outside of the octagon. However, the two parties eventually met up and settled their differences to meet in the middle.

Because St-Pierre signed doesn’t mean that he got the contract he wanted. As a matter of fact, GSP recently spoke out about his contract and stated that he’s still not happy about it. He understands it’s business, but he dove into the topic on MMA Hour:

“To tell you the truth, it’s not exactly what we really wanted, it is still a little bit below what we really wanted in the beginning. But for UFC, it’s more than they were willing to give me, is what they said. So we both are unhappy in a way, which is the middle ground line, so I guess it’s a good thing. It’s like a settlement in court. If both parties are unhappy, I guess it’s a good thing.”

“That’s how it is. Also, the love for the sport, I wanted to be back, the emotional side of it made me accept the deal. I don’t regret it, I am happy. But if you ask me if it’s what we originally wanted, no, it’s not, it is a little bit below. But it is still very good money, very close. We both made concessions on each part, not just one one side, but both sides and that’s why the deal was done.”