The Shocking Transformation Of Alistair Overeem In The USADA Era Of The UFC

Alistair Overeem has stepped into the octagon with some of the best fighters the world has to offer, and he hasn’t shied away from throwing down with him either. While it may not have resulted in the best case scenario, Overeem has never shied away from a fight except the sole time he was pulled due to a failed drug test.

Nevada State Athletic Commission deemed “The Reem” unfit to fight an opponent when it was revealed that he had a 14-to-1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio, which is over the allowed ratio rate of 6-to-1O. Overeem’s failed drug test from 2012 has haunted his career, and steroid allegations have followed the fighter since then. Still, with the USADA testing in place Overeem has proven to be a clean fighter and still sport an impressive physique. Even though the heavyweight is much smaller than he used to be, he still towers over most in his class:

UFC 141, Pre-USADA (vs. Brock Lesnar)

UFC 169, Pre-USADA (vs. Frank Mir)

UFC 203 (vs. Stipe Miocic)

UFC 209 (vs. Mark Hunt)

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