Diaz Bros Now Allowed To Smoke Pot Hours Before A Fight, Thanks To USADA

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping recently delved into the intricacies of marijuana use in the UFC. It turns out that fighters can smoke, under certain conditions.

In the video above, Bisping begins speaking about UFC competitors Nick and Nate Diaz. Nick Diaz recently posted a video of himself allegedly smoking marijuana, before performing a triathlon.

In response, Bisping offered some insider information on how USADA operates around marijuana use.

“You are allowed to smoke weed, if you choose to. You are allowed to smoke weed outside of competition. The way it works with USADA is you have in competition and out of competition. In competition, it’s twelve hours before the fight and 12 hours after, or until you have been seen by a doctor or have given a urine or blood sample.”

Here’s the full clip: