GIRL FIGHT! Joanna Blasts Andrade In Response To ‘Weak Chin’ Claims

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is done sitting back and letting her championship defenses do her talking for her.

The UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion is preparing herself for another championship defense, this time against Jessica Andrade at “UFC 211” in Dallas, Texas. Andrade has made it clear that her goal is to knock “Joanna Champion” out cold, citing Jedrzejczyk’s “weak chin”. Once Jedrzejczyk caught wind of this, she went off on Andrade [via. Bloody Elbow]:

“Yeah, this is not nice. Like, I’ve known Jessica for a while, I’ve known Tiago (Okamura) for a while. I know that Jessica doesn’t speak English so well and so I know there is someone behind her back, posting everything and talking this and that. So probably it’s Tiago.”

“If you’re saying that my chin is weak, try to knock me out. About the fight with Karolina – she hit me to the nose and I was like, I was throwing some punches and kicks and she came with the big right hand to my nose so I was like out of balance. Of course she dropped me for a little bit, but she didn’t touch my chin. So this is what happened. And in the fight with Gadelha, the same thing. They’re sometimes hard punches. When you throw the combination, you can be out of balance and it can drop you. But definitely my chin is still okay and I don’t worry about that.”