RDA Joins Long List Of UFC Elite Wanting To Face Nick Diaz

As Rafael dos Anjos readies himself for his transition to the Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight division, he’s got his eye on a throwing down with a star. Nick Diaz has not stepped foot inside the octagon since his controversial bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 183. The bout ended ultimately ended in a no-contest due to the drug test failures of both Diaz and Silva.

Diaz’s suspension wrapped up in August of last year and the Stockton native has been training hard and keeping in shape, always ready for his return fight. Whether or not the long list of opponents satisfies Nick is one thing, but dos Anjos is hoping that he can trash-talk Nick into the octagon. He told Combate [via. Bloody Elbow]

“I’ve been talking about this. I’ve been thinking Nick Diaz would be a good fight. I have some history with his brother and he’s just there, not fighting. But I don’t know if he wants to fight now.”

“People ask me if I really want to start against those guys. I came to this weight class to do fights that matter, not fighters who would only serve as a way up the ladder for me. I’ve been training a lot of boxing. Everybody trains jiu-jitsu and muay thai, but they forget the basic principles of boxing and that makes a difference.”