Team “Wonderboy” Just Called Out Nick Diaz

Fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship have been anxiously awaiting the return of Stockton’s Nick Diaz to the octagon. Diaz’s suspension wrapped up at the end of August 2016, leaving him free to fight once he paid off his fine for the UFC 183 drug test. Whether or not that has happened is still up in the air, but Dana White claims he has thrown multiple fights Nick’s way only to have them turned down.

Now, a UFC Welterweight Championship challenger has his sights set on Nick.

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is coming fresh off a five round war with Tyron Woodley at “UFC 209” in a fight that really did not impact either fighter’s value. Thompson still sits atop the division with other welterweight elites, and now Ray Thompson, “Wonderboy’s” coach and father, says the camp has interest in Nick [via. MMA Latest News]:

“We are not ones for calling people out, but in terms of people who I would like Stephen to fight next. Preferably someone in the top five. Maybe Condit. He’s def a stud and will come to fight. Lawler is a beast and will fight no matter what.”

“I think the best fight would be between Wonderboy and Nick Diaz. Nick ain’t scared and will def bring hell in a hand basket. We’ve got a lot of respect for these men and would be honored to step in the Octagon with either of them.”