UFC Fighter Admits Illegal Knee Was On Purpose

UFC boss Dana White.

“I don’t know how they called it accidental. I misconstrued the rules when we were breaking them down in the back (before our first fight), and we have to have this three points of contact, hand down and all that. … I saw his hands up, I saw him trying to defend my knee, and he thought a knee was coming, as well. When I got in the back, there were fighters who also were confused on it. There was a big gray area. I’d take more responsibility on myself and call myself a dumbass if it was only me who thought that the knee was legal. But there was a whole bunch of confusion behind it. … I didn’t try to hurt him or cheat him in any way, but I did try to take him out.”

“If we’re following the rules, we’re following the rules. Accidental? They’re playing with my intelligence. I threw the knee on purpose because I thought it was completely legal, so give the dude the DQ (win).”

Ahead of this highly-anticipated rematch, UFC welterweight Tim Means told the media today (Via MMAJunkie), that when an illegal blow halted his last fight, it was very much intentional.

Tim stops short of admitting any real wrong doing though, as he states he was more confused by the rules than anything.