D.C. Confident In Rematch, Thinks Advanced Drug Testing Will Stop Dominant Jon Jones

“Last time — I’m a truth teller — the first fight when me and Jon fought there were stories about him hiding from USADA or some [expletive] like that. Then when he finally did get his test, he tested positive for cocaine and his body levels were all just completely out of whack as if he had just finished doing some illegal stuff. Then after he got himself into that trouble, he came back and he fought Ovince Saint-Preux. He was big and he was strong and he looked fantastic and it was his first fight under USADA and he fought like [expletive]. So then at UFC 200, he probably said ‘I can’t really do this the way I want to do it without my help.’ So he said ‘I’m just going to try it again’ and he tested positive again.”

“He may want to try to learn how to do this the correct way before he fights me. I hate saying a guy used steroids, but all signs point to him doing something wrong. Let’s be honest. From the test levels from before the first time we fought and then his test results didn’t become available until after the fight. So there’s smoke there obviously. Against Ovince Saint-Preux, first fight under USADA, he looked very slow, uncoordinated, unsure of himself. Then at UFC 200, you got popped for everything that you would take coming off of a steroid cycle. I mean come on. He’s really got to learn how to do this the correct way. So he may want to fight somebody else.”

“I do [believe it will be different] because I know he didn’t out train me but somehow he was able to maintain my pace and not only withstand it but actually extended it over five rounds as I could only do three. He didn’t outwork me. I know for a fact he did not outwork me. We’ll see.

“I think [with USADA] it will be a completely different fight.”

In a new interview with FOX Sports, UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is ready for the tides to turn in his grudge match against Jon Jones.

Will USADA play a role in this fight?