“Mighty Mouse” First To Ever Submit BJJ Master Wilson Reis, Wins Tonight’s FOX Main Event

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson made it clear years ago when he stated he wanted to break Anderson Silva’s record of ten championship defenses. Johnson stepped into the octagon at “UFC on FOX 24” ready to tie Silva’s record with his tenth defense of the UFC Flyweight Championship.

Standing across from him will be Wilson Reis, a challenger with a three fight win streak who is ready to play the role of spoiler.

Johnson got the action rolling with a swift leg kick to Reis, but the feeling out process was lengthy and did not see any fight-threatening strikes getting thrown. In typical Johnson fashion, he applied a ton of pressure and set up feigns. Reis took the champion down in the middle of the fight, but Johnson got right back up to his feet without missing a beat.

Johnson continued to attack from a distance, constantly changing levels from the legs of Reis to the gut all the way to feigned strikes to the head. Reis shot for a takedown and left his neck exposed which Johnson grabbed a hold of. It led to nothing, however, as Reis escaped with ease. The opening round wrapped up with Johnson in the driver’s seat, dictating the pace of the fight and outlanding Reis in all aspects.

Reis found success with an uppercut at the start of the second round, but his elbow was already extended by the time it reached the jaw of Johnson so it landed weakly. Reis tried to engage and grab a hold of Johnson, but Johnson fired right back with a knee to the chin of Reis forcing them to separate.

Johnson landed a nasty shot to the gut of Reis who nearly blocked the shot with his elbow. It landed flush, however, and it called for urgency from Reis who tried to press the action but failed. Johnson was able to shrug off the most of Reis’ attacks; Johnson outlanded Reis in the second more than 3:1, just like he had in the first.

Johnson dropped Reis at the end of the round and jumped on him to finish the fight, but he opted to simply let the round expire.

Reis went right back to eating shot after shot in the third round, eventually sporting some swelling on his eye. Johnson took Reis down to the mat after smashing Reis’ face with a punch and went directly into north-south. Johnson took side mount and fired off elbows in the crucifix to further bruise and batter the face of Reis.

Johnson postured over Reis and blasted him with another short elbow. Johnson found his way to mount where he made it rain sktrikes before making the switch to an armbar where Reis submitted!

Demetrious Johnson def. Wilson Reis by way of Submission (Armbar) : of Round 3

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