“Thug Rose” Does It Again, Absolutely Dominates “Karate Hottie” In Two Round Finish

Michelle Waterson stepped into the octagon opposite of Rose Namajunas for strawweight superiority in the co-main event of the evening. Both women can get one fight closer to challenging whoever walks out of “UFC 211” as the UFC Strawweight Champion, and with a decisive enough win at “UFC on FOX 24” either woman can make a claim to become the next challenger.

Waterson landed a nice kick to the body of Namajunas, but Namajunas was able to take the back of Waterson quickly after reversing a throw in the opening minute. Waterson tried to spin out but this allowed Namajunas to secure a full nelson while having the back of Waterson. Waterson spun out of the hold, finally, and Namajunas took top control in Waterson’s open guard.

Namajunas postured up and landed some short elbows, which Waterson responded to by throwing up her legs for an armbar attempt. Using the fence to her advantage she tried to lock it in but Namajunas escaped with ease.

A welt started to swell up under the right eye of Waterson who ultimately made her way back to her feet. Namajunas landed a big right hand that sent Waterson stumbling backward toward the fence where Namajunas landed another takedown at the end of the round.

Namajunas knocked Waterson down hard with a massive headkick and jumped on her to finish the deed.

Waterson recovered in time and Namajunas took side mount. Waterson got right back to her feet but Namajunas jumped right back on her, taking the back of Waterson, and tapped her out with a tight rear naked choke!

Rose Namajunas def. Michelle Waterson by way of Submission (RNC) 2:47 of Round 2

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