UFC Results: Emmett and Green Engage In UFC 210 Barnburner — Replay

Josh Emmett made his way down to the octagon at “UFC 210” in the KeyBank Center ready to prove he is one of the brightest prospects to come out of Team Alpha Male.


Desmond Green, his opponent in tonight’s lightweight scrap, wanted to put on a show for his fellow New Yorkers.

Emmett came out hot, ready to catch Green off guard by jumping in with jabs early on in the bout. Despite the pressure from Emmett, Green seemed nice and composed and matched his pace with defensive measures in his own right. Emmett landed a nice overhand right in the first significant strike of the bout, and he landed it repeatedly throughout the feeling out process as well.

An accidental low-blow from Emmett called for a brief halt in action. As the replay showed, however, it seemed to have not landed at all or been a glancing blow. Still, Green wanted the fight started as soon as it was paused and the action resumed at the same pace. Emmett landed a swift two-punch combination to which Green tried to counter with a combo of his own, but only landed a soft blow. The jab of Green started to show some color on the face of Emmett, but he did not let it affect his performance as he continued to push forward.

Emmett was aggressive as ever in the middle of the second round, but Green was standing a great distance back which allowed him to dodge most shots. Still, even though Green was avoiding these blows he was not countering much. As a result of this, Emmett’s aggression was paying off. The reach of Green started to pay off as he established the leg kicks and jabs early on in the fight, relying on them for the remainder of the bout as well.

Emmett came out hot to kick off the third round but was caught off guard by Green’s takedown attempt. Green took the fight to the mat and it wasn’t long before Emmett made his way back to his feet. Emmett’s volume of strikes were higher, but Green’s landing rate was higher.

Desmond Green def. Josh Emmett by way of Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

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