Details: Following Magana Scuffle, Cyborg Turned And Confronted Chris Weidman Next

It is currently unclear what sent the world’s most dangerous female fighter into a frenzy today, but perhaps putting Cris Cyborg in a room full of her peers, some of whom have been critical of her over the years, might not have been the best idea.

Maybe if Ronda Rousey was there on Sunday, she would have saved the other UFC fighters from the onslaught of Cyborg. Instead though, Cris had her way through a crowd of UFC athletes at this year’s fighter summit, and the picture being painted on social media seems like she was raging.

Initially she went after Angela Magana, even punching Magana in the face during what was called a heated exchange between the two.

Then, according to multiple UFC fighter witnesses, she turned and targetted former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

It’s currently unknown why this occurred, but it did.

Check it out:

The UFC did call the police after the incident, and Angela Magana did press charges. Details can be found here.