UFC Calls Police On Cris Cyborg, Magana Presses Charges For Sunday’s Assault

After what is likely being deemed an assault, UFC strawweight Angela Magana has decided to press charges against Cris Cyborg for an altercation that took place at the 2017 UFC Athlete Retreat.

Magana explained that while she didn’t call the police after the incident, the UFC did. “Lets be clear I did not call cops UFC did.”, stated Magana in a twitter post. “But I decided to press charges after speaking with them.”, she continued.

This is unfortunate news for anyone looking forward to the return of Cris Cyborg. After vindicating herself in the latest PED scandal, she may now face criminal charges for assaulting a much smaller female fighter.

The UFC typically has a zero tolerance policy for violence displayed outside of the cage, and while some fighters are exempt from any real punishment, history has shown that the UFC will go as far as to cut fighters for acts like this, and have even done so for less.

Magana took to twitter to react to the incident and announced that she did proceed with charges: