Brazilian Crowd Unleashes Hate And Physical Violence On American Who Beat Brazilian At UFC 212

UFC featherweight Brian Kelleher earned a decisive submission victory over Iuri Alcantara at Saturday night’s UFC 212 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While the crowd seemed quite heated by the defeat of the Brazilian fighter, the crowd become electrified when Kelleher gave his post-fight interview.

After goading the crowd in his post-fight interview, Kelleher was bombed with roaring shouts from the large crowd. Now, it would appear the fighter was bombed with something else as well.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Brian Kelleher explained

“It was intense. I kind of got carried away in the post-fight interview because they were yelling at me. I had my adrenaline up, so I fired back. It was just all fun, but I guess they took it serious. They were throwing beer cans at me on the way out, so they had to rush me out. But I’m good. Everything is fine.”