UFC 213: Alistair Overeem Wins The Rubber Match Against Fabricio Werdum

On Saturday, the UFC’s annual International Fight Week came to its conclusion with UFC 213.

In the co-main event, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum fought Alistair Overeem for the third time.

Back in PRIDE, Werdum picked up a victory against Overeem. In Strikeforce, Overeem evened the score with a win over Werdum. Now, the two fought against each other on MMA’s biggest stage.

Werdum started the fight with a flying knee but missed by a mile. Werdum then landed a strong leg kick. Overeem then landed a high kick of his own. Werdum was the more active striker early, but he struggled to land. Werdum fell after throwing a leg kick but Overeem allowed him to stand up. Overeem cracked Werdum with a right hand. Werdum shot for a takedown late in the round but didn’t come close to completing it. Overeem landed another hard right hand to land the last significant strike of the round.

Werdum went for a flying side kick to start the second round, but against didn’t come close to landing. Overeem landed a hard body kick. Werdum went for a takedown. When he didn’t succeed, Werdum pulled guard. Overeem stood the fight back up. Overeem landed a clean combination and got Werdum to the ground. After a few seconds on the ground, Overeem stood up. Overeem landed a strong punch followed by a kick to the body. Werdum landed a few punches of his own. Overeem landed a clean punch to the face late in the round.

Once again, Werdum went for a flying attack to start the round but didn’t land. Werdum swarmed Overeem with strikes but few landed on their mark. Werdum dropped Overeem with a knee to the head. Overeem recovered and got to his feet. Werdum continued to land punches and secured a takedown. On the ground, Werdum smothered Overeem. The fight ended with Werdum on top of Overeem.

Official Result:

Alistair Overeem def. Fabricio Werdum via majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)