UFC 213: Blaydes Earns Biggest Win Of His Career, Defeats Omielanczuk

On Saturday, UFC International Fight Week came to its conclusion with UFC 213.

Despite the main event between UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko being canceled just hours before the event, the UFC still hosted a full night of intriguing matchups.

In a heavyweight battle, Curtis Blaydes fought Daniel Omielanczuk to prove who belongs among the elite of the UFC heavyweight division.

Blaydes went for a takedown early, but Omielanczuk stuffed it. Blaydes lost his dominant position due to a low blow. He went for another takedown, but Omielanczuk once again stayed on his feet. Blaydes held his opponent against the fence. Omielanczuk fought his way back into the center of the cage. Blaydes once again got the fight up against the fence, but Omielanczuk escaped. Blaydes continued to shoot for takedowns but couldn’t get the fight to the mat. The round ended with Blaydes going for another takedown.

Both fighters landed punches to start out the middle round. Blaydes went for a takedown but couldn’t get Omielanczuk off of his feet. Omielanczuk began to throw more volume, but Blaydes continued to just go for takedowns. Despite have no success with his wrestling, Blaydes continued to try for takedowns. The round ended with Blaydes failing to take down Omielanczuk.

Both heavyweights came out swinging in the final round. In the first minute, Blaydes again tried for a takedown to no avail. Blaydes landed a few clean punches while his opponent was against the cage. Omielanczuk went for a takedown of his own, but Blaydes stuffed it. In the final seconds, Omielanczuk went for a spinning back kick but fell to the mat.

Official Result:

Curtis Blaydes def. Daniel Omielanczuk by unanimous decision