Guaranteed Salaries For Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather Revealed

Conor McGregor is continuing to set records, even in his pro-boxing debut.

For starters, tonight’s pay-per-view is trending to be the biggest of all-time. Tonight’s gate is already the biggest of all-time. The broadcast is in more countries than any other combat sports broadcast in history. And Conor McGregor will make more for his pro-boxing debut than any other fighter to lace them up.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission disclosed each fighter’s guaranteed purse for their participation in tonight’s mega-event.

Conor McGregor is guaranteed $30 Million and Floyd Mayweather is guaranteed $100 Million.

These base salary figures do not account for merchandising, sponsorships, concessions and pay-per-view percentages.

Each fighter will make substantially more than these disclosed figures.