Ronda Rousey’s Coach Is 100% Confident She Beats Cris Cyborg

Edmond Tarverdyan says his superstar student Ronda Rousey would still beat mixed martial arts toughest female Cris Cyborg. Rousey and Cyborg have been trash talking each other for years, but the fight never materialized. Cyborg has always been ready for the fight though as she’s blasted Rousey on social media several times, including the below Facebook rant where she said Ronda is simply afraid.

“I scroll through my phone like everyone else. I see the world filtered and grumpy faced like every other woman does. And sometimes I’m almost convinced their opinion matters.
But it doesn’t.
The curated lives we see celebrities show everyday are fake. The perfect entourage, the new movie premiers, the unbeatable record. That’s not reality. What is real is your character when no one is around. What builds character and toughness isn’t struggle, it is compassion and understanding. What makes us better and more human is realizing that we are bigger than our images, and our lasting memory will be measured not by how many times we defended some belt a promotion created for us, but the amount of love and compassion we’ve shared within our communities.
But for some Women the rules seem to be different. They are able to use the media to manipulate a perfect image, while developing a diva persona.
Why didn’t you give the Olympic Gold another attempt? How come you haven’t asked to rematch that girl who KO’d you? Are you dieting right? Do you really think you deserve a title shot coming off a loss and year layoff?

These little inconsistencies in your quest for perfection start pecking away at the image you’ve been able to create through the media. Perfect never leaves room for improvement, especially when you are too focused on yourself to see what life is really like outside of your “exclusive” Entourage.

When we worry about marketing an image created by the media, our bigger goals are sacrificed. You can’t look up, because your face is in a pillow after being the bully and getting your ass kicked. Being humble enough to not believe the hype around you can be difficult.

When I was growing up in Curitiba Brazil, before I moved to California, I was a simple girl who trained at the world’s toughest gym. I spent hours inside the gym and would train all day because I loved to punch, elbow, kick, knee, and fight. Nothing got in the way of that.

When I moved to Cali, I was a complete outsider. I couldn’t speak English, and you used that opportunity to bully me in the media. At the lowest point of my career you went out of your way to say the most hurtful and mean things you could, but no matter how hard you tried, my confidence wouldn’t sink.

Like most people who are bullied, I have never really talked about it, but these feelings have come to a boiling point many times when my father has called me, or my niece has asked me questions about comments you’ve made in Interviews. Looking at my body, I feel very confident in who I am, and I don’t think Wanderlia Silva would ever look this good in a dress!

I am not perfect, and I know that.
That’s when I realized you didn’t really want to fight me.

When you want to fight someone, you fight them. Suddenly the “best female fighter the world had ever seen” was afraid to move up to 140lbs– to make a champion vs champion fight. That was a fast and effect lesson in her lack of confidence.

Not every move I have made has been perfect. I lost my first world title due to a failed PED test and that experience was difficult. I thought the world would end, but it didn’t. I continued to grow and mature as a woman. I stayed in the gym, served my suspension, learned my lesson and returned to the cage. I improved my skills and continued to get better. I also signed up for USADA a year before making my UFC Debut. I finally got a chance to fight in the Octagon. Everyone has noticed.

Today I have a career built on something that saved me as a young woman. I have a strong family that has taught me the importance of life, and know that long after my fight career is finished, I will have a responsibility to serve my community and friends, especially those who can’t afford the same opportunities, this is something my faith in God taught me.
When I see little girls rocking their DNB shirts and reebok shoes in the supermarket, I think about what poor examples of sportsmanship you have displayed. I think about you cursing The Preacher’s Daughter at the weigh ins, refusing to shake Miesha Tate’s hand following your victory, and all of the mean things you have said about me and my family.
I hope you come back and get this ‘redemption’ people think you deserve. I am now in the UFC and you will not be able to use that excuse to avoid a fight with me. Your record is no longer perfect, and we have all seen your flaws, you can not take a shot–

I’m not trying to inspire you to suddenly become a better person, or become anything you’re not. But there was a time in your life when you told people you wanted to fight me. Maybe you didn’t quite understand the way the wold worked then, but you also didn’t care what anyone thought
I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that you don’t need to be the champ to fight me.
Your flaws–your unsuccessful attempts at greatness or even mediocrity– are real. The media made you out to be the greatest female fighter of all time, and that is beautiful, because now everyone knows the real reason why you avoided a fight against Cris Cyborg. P4P #1 in the World for WMMA according to ESPN.”

However, Tarverydyan believes Cyborg is just too slow for Ronda and has always known she’d beat her. With that said, he’s not sure if the fight will ever happen, but is certain Rousey would have her game face if they ever fought. He spoke to Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of “The MMA Hour” and talked about a potential Ronda Rousey vs. Cyborg fight.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t know. We’ll live and we’ll see. If injuries weren’t there and everything was where it was, we would take that fight and I’m telling you she’s too slow for us. And Ronda will beat her. Ronda needs a challenge that she really needs to be like this person is no good and I need to prove something to the whole world. That’s how Ronda works good.

“And she didn’t have that with Holly, she’s the one that pushed and wanted some aggressiveness before the weigh-ins. This one she has it. She said she cheated before, she’s hurt women and she wants to come and beat her.”