Rony Jason, UFC Fighter Who Beat Woman In Street, Has Been Released By The UFC

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil winner Rony Jason has been released by the UFC, officially.

Despite the UFC’s silence on last week’s street assault involving a female, Rony Jason was apparently already silently released by the promotion prior to the incident. (Video Above)

The female has since been identified as the fighter’s sister, and according to local authorities a manhunt is underway, as the fighter is wanted for questioning.

“We were made aware (of it) through social media, and we’ve notified the victim.”  said Janaina Siebra, Chief of the local Women’s Protection Police Precinct. “Since it’s a public action, the investigation doesn’t depend on the victim’s will. She didn’t reach out to the precinct. The precinct reached out to the victim to investigate the fact.”

Taking to twitter, one of Brazil’s top MMA reporters confirms that UFC officials have indeed released Rony “Jason” from the promotion.

“UFC told me days ago Jason was released shortly after his last fight, but Jason kept telling the media for months that he was not released.”

Jason won The Ultimate Fighter Brazil featherweight tournament in 2012. He started out his career in the UFC with an impressive 4-1 run. However, the now embattled fighter went out on a low note, not gaining victory in his last four UFC contests.