Cris Cyborg Complains Some More, Wants To Be Paid Like Miesha Tate Was Paid

Life can be hard if you’re UFC champion Cris Cyborg.

Known as the baddest woman on the planet, the UFC’s most feared female is still fighting for respect.

She’s expected to finalize a deal with the UFC soon that will see he face Holly Holm. However, as revealed by Cyborg, negotiations went south when the UFC tried to pass on a pay decrease.

After doing her own research she’s learned that both Holly Holm and Miesha Tate made base salaries of $500,000.00 by the time they were deep in their UFC contract, and Cris is looking for the same kind of money.

Should she get it?

Here’s Cris’ argument.

Cris Cyborg is presently the UFC’s featherweight champion, she’s been fighting females who agree to move up in weight to face her. However, outside of one other female, Cyborg is a champion in a division with no other fighters.