Demi Lovato Just Released Her Own BJJ Training Highlight, Rolls With A Legit Blackbelt

Most known among UFC fans for being Luke Rockhold’s ex-flame, Pop music star Demi Lovato has recently gone head first into her passion for MMA.

Now, despite no longer being with Luke Rockhold, you can catch her regularly honing her striking skills with Jay Glazer, or on the mats working her jiu-jitsu game with some of the best grapplers on the globe.

This is nothing new to any of you, but now Demi herself has just released her very own training highlight, to her official Youtube channel.

Check it out:

Regarding her relevance to MMA, once Demi broke up with Luke Rockhold she got back with her ex, a Bellator fighter. There has been no word on any rifts between the two, and last we checked they were happy.