Derrick Lewis Out Saving Lives While Werdum Enjoys Beach Workouts Ahead Of UFC 216

When rising UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis agreed to face former champion Fabricio Werdum, he didn’t know he’d be fighting a battle on two-fronts.

But, that’s exactly what happened to the fan-favorite knockout artist, who found himself on the front lines of a very serious natural disaster that landed in his backyard.

Houston Texas experienced devastation during Lewis’ UFC 216 camp, when Hurricane Harvey hit the south coast of Texas. And instead of sitting idle in the gym, Lewis took action and got out in the streets to start saving lives. The UFC heavyweight is strong, capable, conditioned and he also has a pretty big truck, all which make him a very strong volunteer for those in need.

He’s a hero now, who took time out of his training camp to save lives.

His opponent, fortunate enough to live in a better climate environment, free of natural disasters, is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

Werdum chose to keep camp close to home, and train at Redondo Beach, in his backyard. It’s a new approach for the former champion who says he’s enjoying the small group of trainers and the energy of the ocean.

The UFC documents both fighter journeys in the video below:

Derrick Lewis and Fabricio Werdum will fight this weekend as part of the UFC 216 main pay-per-view fight card. The bout goes down from the T-Mobile arena, in Las Vegas.