Regional Scene Fighter Snaps His Leg In Half With A Low Kick [Graphic]

Mixed martial arts is like any other contact sport. Athletes get bumps and bruises. Still, it’s never good when a competitor suffers a serious injury while performing in the sport they love. This time, a mixed marital artist decided to try his hand in a regional competition. However, things did not go the fighter’s way.

In the video below, two mixed martial artist can be seen going at it. The fighter in the blue shorts delivered a powerful leg kick to his opponent, but did not get the result he was looking for. The fighter in the blue shorts immediately went reeling into the cage, falling to his back.

As the camera zooms in, it becomes clear that the fighter suffered a gruesome injury. His leg snapping in two, the fighter appears to have suffered a devastating compound fracture from the previously delivered low kick. His opponent swarmed over him, but quickly backed off upon realizing the state of the fighter.

For the full scene, see the video below: