Holly Holm Savagely Slays Cris Cyborg In New Video, Puts MMA’s Biggest Complainer In Her Place

UFC featherweight female champion Cris Cyborg complains about everything. In fact, she’s made a career out of it.

Most recently, Cyborg hit her social media complaining about being unfairly targeted by the USADA drug testers.

In her most recent statement, Cyborg stated,

“It’s clear #usada is targeting me. I have been tested 3 times in less than a month even though I don’t have a signed bout agreement.

“I am a clean athlete and support USADA Testing as it gives me a chance to prove to my fans I am competing clean. With that said, I want to make sure Holly Holm is being tested with the same number of tests leading up to our #ufc219 main event.

“If they show up at my house at 6am then I want them to show up at Holly Holm’s house at 6am the same amount of times!!! @JacksonWink_MMA has had more athletes than any other gym in MMA suspended by USADA and because of this I want a guarantee that both Athletes will be tested the same amount of times between now and our fight Dec. 30th!!!”

Now her rumored opponent Holly Holm, uncharacteristically fired back at Cyborg. Not only is Holly fed up with all the cry baby BS, but she also let the female champion know that her complaint is completely false, as Holm has actually been drug tested more than Cris Cyborg … For the last two years.

And only one of the two athletes has failed two drug tests.

Here’s Holm’s straight savage slaying of Cyborg:

“I’ve actually just wasted a minute of my life on this video.”

I've actually just wasted a minute of my life on this video.

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Cris Cyborg represents the world’s most dominant female fighter in the world today, however, her cry baby attitude on social media, and continued attempts to make the UFC bad, make her the opposite of a fan-favorite.