Illegal Shots, Point Deductions, Lots Of Blood, And A Fight Of The Year, As Vannata And Green Fight To A Draw

In the night’s third televised prelim, a striking delight between Bobby Green and Lando Vannata takes center stage.

Green opens the fight up with a straight left that lands, but the creative Lando shrugs it off and starts throwing shots of his own.

The two slow it down fora minute and gauge each other, but around the 3:30 mark they exchange heavy. Lando gets the better of Green. Green gets dropped and Lando pounds on him. It looks like the fight is about to be stopped, but Green gets up and Lando lands an illegal knee. The action stops, the doctors ome in and Green is given time. The two start trading again, Green dives in for a takedown and gets caught in a Green choke. It looks deep but Vannata lets go. 1 minute left and the pace has slowed. Vannata landing kicks, but not much on them. 30 seconds left and Vannata content to land a few leg kicks, but not much action. Green over commits to a left hook and Lando takes him down for it. Lando loses a point for the illegal knee but won the round.

Round 2 and Gren seems recomposed as he lands a two piece. Still a slower pace, and the two exchange in the center. Lando’s bloody now. Green starting to have some success with his hand and Lando is leaking out of hi nose bad. He also has a big mouse under his eye. Green getting confident as the fight moves on. They clinch, Lando lateral drops Green, but he pops right back up and lands that jab again. Lando spins into a takedown, Green pops up once more. Lando lands a big right and wobble Green. Green staying tough but Lando moves forward landing. More clinching with 40 second left in the round. They exchange until the final bell, it’ Green who lands the final shots.

Round 3 and the two meet in the center. Lando opens up fast and aggressive. Green lands the jab but his pace has slowed. Two minutes into the round and Vannata is a bloody mess, but that’s not saying he’ losing. The two exchange, no moan edging the other. Two-minutes in and Green clinches briefly against the fence. Lando separates and the two exchange again. Two minutes ledt and green starts jawing at the mouth. Both men bloody. Boh men landing their shots, these guys are going at it. They exchange leg kicks, exchange punches, exchange kicks, both exhausted. It’s like a Rocky movie inside the Octagon.

One minute left and Vannata grabs akick and takes Green down. Green gets up immediately. And the two fght on. Lando the aggressor with a minute left, but Green grabs an under hook and drives him to the cage. They split and Green lands that jab. They exhange. Green wth a massive left, Vannata gets stunned. It looks like Vannata is going out, but the bell sounds and saves him.

What a fight.

Result: Lando Vannata And Bobby Green Draw (29-29, 29-27, 28-28)

Here’s more highlights: