UFC 216: Pearl Gonzalez Tries Takedowns For 15-Minutes, Gets Booed And Loses To Botelho

In the night’s second televised card Poliano Botelho put on a show against Pearl Gonzalez and represented for the ladies.

In the opening round, Botelho shows off he striking advantage early. Gonzalez with a few low kicks, but the disparity in skill set is obvious. Pearl clinches, drives her opponent to the cage and fights for a double leg takedown. She gets her hands clasped when switching to a single but can’t do anything with it. Three-minutes in and the referee halts the action and makes the two go back to the center. Pearl instantly clinches again, and the two battle it out against the cage again. That’s where the round ends.

Round two and the two exchange, both smiling. Botelho a little more cautious to engage, and for good reason. Pearl shoots in 50-seconds in and returns to the clinch against the cage. She once against fights for a double in this position, but Botelho is having none of it. It’s a stalemate in this position, having literally been watching pearl fight for a takedown for 2 minutes and 40 seconds before the ref halts the action and makes them return to the center. The exchange briefly, then Pearl goes back to the clinch where the round ends.

Round three and Pearl opens it up with six leg kicks. Botelho returns and Pearl gabs the kick and forces the fight back into the clinch against the cage. Pearl holds onto the double leg for over a minute, but after three rounds still can’t get her opponent to the mat. Botelho briefly gets her back off the cage at the midway mark, but Peark immediately forces her back there. 1 Minute and 45 seconds left in the round and the ref separates them again. Pearl immediately clinches her opponent against the cage and the crowd boos louder than ever. 35-seconds left and the referee separates them again. Botelho throws big shots, she’s going for the knockout but Pea clinches again. With 8 seconds left Pearl gets taken down and pounded on until the final bell.

Result: Poliana Botelho def. Pearl Gonzalez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)