Miesha Tate “No Sh*t Sherlocks” Argumentative Fan In Latest Heated Twitter Debate

Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has been having some heated debates with her Twitter fans as of late. Earlier this week Tate made a statement about not wanting to sign autographs for fans who were simply looking to make money off her which caused many of he fans to lash out at her. Now the conversation has turned to weight cutting in MMA and how big of an advantage being the bigger fighter plays.

Tate was replying to a fan who asked:

“This might be a stupid question but why don’t people fight at their healthy weight instead of half killing them selves making a cut???” 

But her simple response was enough to spark another debate.

“It’s considered an advantage to be bigger/stronger” – Miesha Tate

That’s when the Twitter fans started to chime in and offer their expertise to the former bantamweight champ.

“none of them are equally skilled. Some are better at stand up, some at ground, some at both, some do judo, some wrestling, some BJJ.”

He continued to try and prove his point by explaining that fighters aren’t equally skilled since their training backgrounds can be quite diverse from one another.

“Some do boxing, some Muay Thai, some Kempo etc. No two fighters are ever equal.”

Miesha Tate has been around the highest level of the sport for a very long time, and made sure to put him in his place with what the entire point of the conversation was.

“Well no sh*t Sherlock, but point is take out variable. IF 2 fighters have an equal skill set the answer is the bigger fighter has advantage”