“Platinum” Mike Perry Responds To Forrest Griffin’s Recent Criticism

UFC welterweight "Platinum" Mike Perry made some comments that upset former UFC light heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin.

This war of words between Thiago Alves and “Platinum” Mike Perry was doing just fine on Twitter, until things took a dark turn in the form of a Mike Perry Twitter post.

When the rising UFC welterweight took aim at Thiago’s own life, and brought the American Top Team fighter’s family into it, UFC legend Forrest Griffin chimed in with a rare opinion on the matter.

Here’s the Perry tweet that started it all:

@ufc if you offer me @ThiagoAlvesATT again I’ll end this mans life inside the #Octagon #ThinkOfHisFamily

These words rubbed Forrest Griffin the wrong way, who as stated above, injected himself into this beef that he believes just went too far.

Not sure where the line is but that’s on the wrong side of it. With all due respect

It took him a half-day to reply, but when Perry saw the reaction from Forrest, he respectfully offered the following explanation.

@ForrestGriffin my whole fighting style is about crossing the line. My opponents should know what they’re getting themselves into

Do you think Perry crossed the line?