Ronda Rousey Announces New Ambitious Business Move

Former UFC bantamweight champion, and female fighting icon, Ronda Rousey is off to the races with a brand new way to make money!

And though she hasn’t officially retired from Combat Sports, the former champion is looking to combat the serious issue of tainted supplements in her post-fight life.

Often we see UFC fighters test positive for a banned USADA substance, only to later reveal it was a work-out supplement that caused them to fail due to the product being tainted with PEDs.

Now, Ronda has launched her own supplement brand, one even she would use.

The company’s mission statement reads,

Ronda grew up in the olympic testing system and has been drug tested since the age of 14. She knows how important it is to have the self-awareness of what you put in your body. As a Co-Owner of Max Effort Muscle she can see the quality, ingredients, and the manufacturing of every single product. She can also go an see where and how they are being made to bring Max Effort Supplements, the best supplements on the market, to you. Ronda is an Olympian. The Greatest Female UFC Champion. She Has redefined what strength means for women. Ronda Rousey is a Timeless Cultural Icon!!!!

Ronda announced her new venture with a video to her instagram.

Check it out:

Excited to announce I’m partnering with @maxeffortmuscle !! A new fast growing line of nutritional supplements that I will be building a women’s line for!!
@johnfosco @corygfitness @travisbrownemma @layziethesavage
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