Tate Speaks Out Against Unethical Autograph Seekers: ‘It was my blood on the canvas, not yours!’

It’s common place in today’s MMA landscape that business people disguise themselves as fans seeking autographs, only to sell their merchandise on Ebay for profits.

Some may look at these tactics as an honest day’s wage, but several UFC fighters find it dishonest.

Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is one of these fighters, and she’s now speaking up.

Taking to twitter Tate reacted to a video of a celebrity turning down an autograph for this very reason.

A fan chimed in, letting know Tate what he thought, and Tate went a little more in-depth, explaining why she takes issue with these professional autograph seeker practices.

Here’s the exchange:

“Show up w ethics and we will, I’ll gladly sign for anyone but to make a dollar off of me, it’s wasnt your blood on the canvas it was mine.”